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The course "Unexpected Stories" will focus on individual experiences of the students which no other medium but art, can express .The idea came from a thought of Paul Klee: "Sichtbar machen der unsichtbar", to make visible the invisible. The aim of the course is to enhance sensibilities of the students towards their surroundings and inner world, to have a critical position to social structures and to find the best way to express themselves by means of art that contemporary art can offer.

The course will include an introduction theoretical approach to contemporary art with a projection of works of the leading streams and significant artists in our time.

The students will experience an artistic process from the decision what are the themes closer to themselves,  developing the awareness of their own  experiences how to choose the technic which expresses their inner own ideas and thinking in the best way . The choice can be in paintings, drawings, Video, sound, multimedia, texts, collage, sculptures, conceptual art, body art and performance how to install the works and connect it to a given space.

The course should give the students the possibility to express themselves with means of art and erase their consciousness to their own world. I will follow each students individually from the very beginning until the end.

The course will work in the group. Each process will be discussed, followed, and analysed by all the members during the whole course.

During the course, we will exercise experimental drawings such as drawing in speed, drawing with closed eyes or drawing while traveling.

We will compare photography to painting, sculptures to drawings ect. Students will be able to communicate with me through internet, skype etc. to any question during the semester.

The works of the students will be exhibited in a final exhibition including catalogue, to enable to see the results and the position of each idea in a perfect way.

During the course, I will send to the students articles, videos, any information which is relevant to our themes.


Rivka Rinn


SS 2018


09.04.2018, 11.00h
10.04.2018, 10.00h
11.04.2018, 11.00h
13.04.2018, 11.00h
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23.05.2018, 11.00h bis 18.00h
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28.05.2018, 11.00h bis 18.00h
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