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Entwerfen 1

Space Deserteur
The Dream of the Unseen

We have came out of the woods to tell you about a place of desires and dreams. One of excess and of quietness. One that is beyond your restrictions that exists in your mind, but yet is unseen.

The area where its located is called sillschucht. A space where humans have been made and destroyed. Nature and infrastructure colliding in a humus that served on the plate. We all have been there for different kind of reasons. Now we invite you to join, to visit it again and uncover the layers of modern day fossils and transform it to a place of tempation.
Extisting configurations in such abandoned places still have special aesthetic energy. They leave a room for interpretation and transformation. 10 minutes away from the city of Innsbruck we find our selves cutted inbetween two bridges of A13 highway to italy. a place where loads of functions and typologies collide to form a unique topography, a field of contrasting synthetic-manmade and naturally evolved landscape.

Beyond the Ski jump designed by Zaha Hadid, next to The Kaiserjägermuseum, the Tirol Panorama, Vernacular cabins, worship places, fantastic infrastructures, trains, tunnels, machines, bridges, rocks and beaches this humus is to become your dreamscape of phantasmagoric samples.
We will enter this place in order to encounter the Unknown. For this we will detach our eyes and and fly over it. With photogrammetric 3d reconstruction of video footage, new perspectives and volumes will arise. Each student will find a place to analyize. The design will be based on embodiement of existing functions, yearly seasons, rituals, geometrical analysis and shifting perspectives.
We will see and understand The Sillschlucht as a 3dimensional body that is going to be reformed and reshaped. New qualities will be uploaded in multi dimensional chaos.
The field trip as an instrument will be our method in the beginning. Decompressing the humus is our first experiment giving parts of all scales to be transfomed in the next steps.

Several site visits will take place, where we look for potential qualities of self organisation. Information layers will be merged with natural history layers. With Hegelian dialecticts method we will question the balance of human invasion. We will drink and meditate.
We offer you Humus and a speculative concept of freedom, but you will need to add Spices, so that our fantasies tastes better.

We see you in Sillschuct on of October at 12.00 o clock.


Christian Dummer
Helvijs Savickis


14.10.2020, 12.00h bis 27.01.2021, 12.00h