Campfire XR Installation


We happily invite you to the Campfire XR Installation opening on 22.10.2020 Thursday at 18:00 at BRUX Freies Theater in Innsbruck.

Campfire is an immersive XR project hosted by BRUX within the program of the VORBRENNER 2020. The Installation will take place from 22.10.2020 till 25.10.2020.


The Installation decodes rigid human everyday behavior and reshapes them in an unfamiliar and mysterious way. This experience intends to spark new and unexpected forms of communication, dialog, and interaction between people and their environment. The project aims to include the idea of the campfire into digital culture and thereby explore various types of immersive scenarios and experimental storytelling that challenges the intrinsic relationship between body and mind. Much like human cognition, the digital has its cognitive modalities and ways of communication. How do we gather around the digital campfire? What are the cognitive impacts of the digital on brain plasticity?  How does a computed cognition feel when feeling joyful or angry?

***********************Make sure to have Twitter APP downloaded on your mobile as the experience requries your Twitter particiaption.***********************

The interactive Campfire Experience allows you to communicate with the cognitive digital entity via Twitter in real-time for a new type of collective storytelling corresponding to the visitors' emotions.

Further information & opening hours at
Due to COVID-19 regulations, the Installation can welcome max. 50 visitors


22.10.2020, 18.00h bis 25.10.2020, 18.00h