first virtual exhibition

presentation of studentworks of Kurzentwerfen of the ./studio3-Institut für Experimentelle Architektur, Universität Innsbruck on the social virtual reality platform SANSAR.

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friday, 10th april 2020, 19:00 CET

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introducing words: Univ. Prof. Arch. DI Kathrin Aste

live DJ Set: BROOTWORTH (ghosttown)




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Recently we asked the question, in how far a posthuman perception strategy, which puts the human being out of focus, influences the design of the architectural space. Faced with a pandemic today, we even have to ask ourselves how, where, if and in which rooms we will meet in the future.

In view of increasing political divisions and growing economic inequalities, the curator of the 2020 Architecture Biennal Hashim Sarkis is asking the architects to present spaces in which we can live generously together and appeals to the question with "How will we live together" for a new spatial contract. But which spatial contracts does a society need, which is forced to pass curfews to prevent the fast threatening human exodus? If we assume COVID-19 will change our daily life in a sustained matter, we are in need of alternative, parallel, democratic spaces beyond governmental regulations and behavioral orders.

Corona is not an episode of a science fiction series, but a reality, which clarifies that now it is the time to arrange oneself in the virtual space. In light of this, the Institute for Experimental Architecture ./studio3 of the University of Innsbruck, sees the necessity to design spaces, which enable a continuous exchange of contemporary ideas, now more than ever. Through the exhibition DOWN BY LAW the ./studio3 reacts to the current situation of enacted distance and isolation and presents the works of a design-studio in the virtual space.

The exhibition DOWN BY LAW shows the works of 133 students, who dealt with surreal landscapes and falling visual worlds, using Max Ernst's picture “Nature at Dawn” as an inspiration. The works spatialize the ideas in the form of architectural installations, spatial sculptures, sketches, sound collages and mixed media projects that will be exhibited in a total of 42 different worlds.

This exhibition can be an example of how university work can be made accessible to a wider audience and how architecture and art can be experienced in many different ways. The virtual reality platform SANSAR offers us an platform in which every visitor can create an avatar and visit the virtual exhibition together with others. The duration of the exhibition is not limited in time as with conventional exhibitions, but remains open indefinitely on the World Wide Web.


10.04.2020, 19.00h bis 22.00h