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A Time for New Dreams


The course will give the students the possibility to enter an artistic process that will enable  them to create artworks and understand the medium of art.The aim of the course is to enhance the consciousness  and sensibility of the participants about their surroundings and the definition of the reality in which they live.

During the course the process of each student will be  individually followed by me  and will be discussed and analyzed withthe group  or professional invited guests..

The students will experience how to translate ideas ,thoughts and feelings into artworks.Getting closer and discovering themselves.

The course will begin with introduction to contemporary art and projection of artworks of the last generation of artists, and will be followed by a theoretical,philosofical lecture  directed to our them: Concentrating on what is a dream? What is new?.

  "A Time for New Dreams" was taken  an exhibition in the Serpentine Gallery in London.

 "New dreams" could be day or night dreams ,students will have to reflect their individual  or the their sociopolitical position . What kind of dreams can be related to our post digital period on one hand.  Or:Thinking of Martin Luther King in his  famous speech "I have a Dream" as an historical example for equality.How to understand our present and the possibilities given in our neverending changes of life .

The course will work as group. Projects of each student will be discussed and analyzed by  me and the students from the beginning on until the realization of the projects in a large scale exhibition.

The participants will be able to use according their  own choice: Painting, sculpture,drawing,video,"ready-made",sound,text.multimedia.Installation or performance.

Installing the results relating to space as an exhibition and catalogue as a final step to theier artistic approach

During the  semester students will get  recommendations  of articles,Videos ,Interviews regarding the theme.

We will exercise experimental drawings or photography such as drawing in speed or taking photos with close eyes and more.

Every student will be able to communicate with me in Skype e-mails or face-book.



Being Digital

Nicholas Negroponte



The new Digital Age

Eric Smith, James Cohen



Roland Barthes

Camera Lucida


Susan Sonntag

On Photographie

Susan Sonntag

Regarding the Pain of the other


Paul Virilio

Speed and Politics


Paul Viriglio

War and Cinema


Walter Benjamin

The Work of art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction



Wilhelm Flusser

The shape of things: A Philosophy of design



Wilhelm Flusser

Towards the philosophy of Photography



Lewis Carrol

Alice's Adventure in Wonderland


Rivka Rinn


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SS 2019


01.04.2019, 00.00h bis 05.04.2019, 00.00h
1. Block, tägl. ab 11.00 Uhr
11.06.2019, 11.00h bis 25.06.2019, 17.00h
2. Block mit Ausstellung
25.06.2019, 18.00h
25.06.2019, 18.00h bis 28.06.2019, 18.00h