52Hz - weird intermediate beings

In this seminar, we are exploring the capability and inexhaustible power of our brains to adapt to any kind of scenario. One may not realize it, but our brain is processing data faster than any supercomputer, rapidly constructing mental maps based on sensory inputs as one moves through the built environment or gets confronted with everyday situations. Our ability for neuroplasticity paired with the emerging tools to create immersive virtual environments opens up new and provoking ways to see and engage with the tangible and intangible world we are inhabiting. This semester we will turn the media lab at ./studio3 into a virtual laboratory, where we transform into digital alchemists, crafting and composing experiences and cognitive illusions that will challenge our human-centered perception of aesthetics and ethics. Therefore we will explore how interactive interfaces can augment and mediate human experience, interaction, and perception while developing new sensing modalities. By the end of the semester students will be keen on answering following questions on their own terms:

What does it mean to escape from the human (centered) visual regime?
How does it feel to enter the sensory apparatus of an animal?
Can the virtual experiences of inhabiting another creature challenge our most unquestioned routines?
Does the change of perspective create new empathic relations between human and non-human?
What is the value of manipulating and estranging bodily awareness?
How does it feel if you shrink to the scale of a mosquito and dwell on another body?
What is nowadays spatially and psychologically innovating?
How would you define Posthumanism?
Can we provoke a sense of countervisuality through experiencing other lifeforms?


Paradox / Snail

Unexpected Observer / Dragonfly

Submerge / Mandarinfish

Reefkid / Clownfish

Python / Python

Kontrafaktische Mythologie / Chameleon


Cenk Guzelis
Jonathan Hanny
Uwe Brunner


848257 SE Virtual Reality


MA Wahlmodul 1: Fachliche Spezialisierung


WS 19-20


08.10.2019, 10.00h bis 12.00h
22.10.2019, 10.00h bis 12.00h
29.10.2019, 10.00h bis 12.00h
05.11.2019, 10.00h bis 12.00h
12.11.2019, 10.00h bis 12.00h
19.11.2019, 10.00h bis 12.00h
26.11.2019, 10.00h bis 12.00h
03.12.2019, 10.00h bis 12.00h